14 September 2008


23 August 2008, 3rd UMP Convocation Day

Historical day for all of me?Yes it is...what else can I say..I finished!!Finished dealing with assignment that needs to be copied..finish undertaking courses that "hell-no I'm not interested at all". Also, stop thinking about project that totally had a chance to stop you from finishing the degree courses in the 4-year program. Bla bla bla..a lot to talk..but lazy to type.

Well...Early morning..woke up and get prepared with handsome suit(WHICH HOWEVER CAN'T FIT ME WELL DUE TO EXTRA BAGGAGE ACCUMULATE IN SOME PARTICULARS AREA OF THE BODY). Pali comes in hand exchanging the blazer and I really look like shit that day. With stupid safety spectacle assisting my eyes to see the beauty of UMP convocation, a long hair which so messy and people will straightly think I don't get any job yet and tight sweating shirt inside which makes me not confortable at all!!

Meeting with friends; in this terms are:- 1.friends which u will not seeing for a long time or 2.friends which u will not makes friends with them anymore sooner or 3.friends that so close to you and missing them so much is the most nostalgic moment during this convocation. It is also remembrance to see all "gaduasi" with families together. put up a smile on their face..walking together..Its nice.

As for me..I'm happy to see all friends. Eventhough inside I dunno; may be they call me a jerk or a lousy fat-ass or something else..I don't give a damn..Instead..I'm happy to see them. Although, My Family will not make it during my convocation, I deeply understand they have other commitment to do and happy for me as now I already graduated from the University. Not too mention, some guys turned up for me and I think that would be enough.

Chatting arena becomes a chirping bird's tree. It's loud, noisy but somehow its wonderful and full of happiness. The smile..the laugh..it's life.It's beauty.

After graduation, some of them are such in hurry to go back home and some others stay..waiting for evening session or continued chatting with friends. I've seen these mesmerize scene; LIVE. I've been in this beauty;LIVE. I enjoy every second of the smile..laugh and talk;LIVE.

Afterall, I know this may be the last dot for cerain of them not seeing me anymore. Perhaps or eventually meeting is something that I hope since now on as eveyone were busy with their life.
Yeah..lastly I relly proud to see all my friends made it and successfully become engineers of their own life.


02 September 2008

KenaPe PikIR BAguS dan DemANding?

Manusia selalu tak puas. Ape yang ade kat depan mata diorang;mesti something akan dicomplain punyer.
Aku cakap nie sebab aku refer kat diri aku. Kengkadang aku confuse aku nie tak puas ati sebab self-esteem aku yang tinggi untuk memajukan diri aku dalam satu anjakan paradigma ataupun sebenarnya..macam kate orang; "TAK RETI NAK BERSYUKUR"?
Fikir punye fikir, terase la diri ini macam gelabah...