24 November 2008


Aku baru beli kete baru.

Satria Neo 1.6 A M-Line
Liquid Orange
Price=RM 51500.00
Down Payment= RM6500.00
Monthly Payment= RM 571.00

Sedap gak Neo neh...but as korang pon taw..typical proton kan...what's worse than vibration??shit kan...so unacceptable with the price. If kat japan neh; you can get more that Neo with 51.5k car. No shit!!
Well!!it's not something that i want to story; it's ABOUT how the old satria evolved to satria neo.

The first edition Proton launched the iconic two-door hatchback, the Proton Satria back in December 1994. The Proton Satria was based on the Mitsubishi Colt and came in 1.3 liter and 1.6 liter variants.
Two years later, it received it’s first minor facelift, with the number plate relocated to the hatch instead of on the bumper. Four years after it’s introduction, the sporty Satria GTI variant was released, featuring a sporty bodykit, Lotus tuned ride and handling as well as a powerful 1.8 liter twin-cam engine making 140 horsepower.

In 2003, Proton introduced the Satria Special Edition which featured a new bodykit and a minor interior facelift. Pastue in 2004, the R3-tuned limited edition Satria R3 was launched. The Satria is one of Proton’s more successful models, achieving near-cult status in hatchback-loving countries like the UK. Bangge la sket...kan??huhu!!

The Proton Satria Neo is an all new platform developed from scratch. It is not based on the Waja/Gen2 chassis or the old Satria chassis. However for the sake of better economies of scale, it does share some components with the Proton Gen2. The new Proton Satria Neo’s exterior design projects a stout and intimidating image. Projector headlamps are of the Proton tiger eyes design first seen on the Proton Gen2. The headlamps are a 4-headlamp projector system which uses H1 bulbs. And with less drag coefficient, this will improve performance and fuel consumption for Neo.

Talking about engine; and yes..it is a campro 1.6L (which is better than MYVI that exist in 1.3L engine) can drives you forward. But, I think if the Neo built with light weight materials surely the 1.6L can gives the best moment for a drag session. Since the Neo has been built so; I guess by changing the Wheels from 16" to 15" or 14" will gives Neo more speed from the original design. However, some said the changes may cause your Neo to "fly" when you reaching 180km/h!! Huhu...

Based on many experts and Engineers from Proton itself, the high performance of CAMPRO can only be seen in the first five years; or may be less. Underperformance will cause you less power when trying to overtake and increase speed. Suggestion is; go to Proton Service Center; asked for reprogram the ECU. If still not working, sell lah!!LOL,

The interior looks better than old satria for me as the seat is more stylo and the back seat is quite big. The dashboard looks OK; everything OK lah!! The Audio somehow like the old proton series, sound pecah itu sudah confirm lah!! And Neo, it's hard to reach/getting a radio frequency.People suggest to change the audio and cd receiver to something better like DCX-100 with RS series or else.

Well, there's a lot more to write about this NEO however, lazy to type lah!!Anyone wants another story about neo; add my YM.


19 November 2008


i AM sucks.

i have NO money to travel

i DON'T date anybody

i NEVER be attractive

in fact, i always LOST

LOST in transition

LOST my mind

LOST my hope

LOST the happy

I'm searching for you; LIFE.

Please. Come back. I am waiting.

05 November 2008

One Buck Short

Korang penah dengar kan lagu diorang??before this new single- khayalan masa; dulu diorang ader gak wat lagu2 len mcm "kelibat korupsi","that day" yang kate orang...masuk gak la pate otak neh!!
Well..here's my review on khayalan masa and One Buck Short!!

Band Members:
Rahul - Guitarist rahul@onebuckshort.com
Izal - Bassist izal@onebuckshort.com
Imran - Drummer imran@onebuckshort.com
Mooky - Vocalist mooky@onebuckshort.com

Si apiz(dulu men base..da taderk) and rahul neh diorang satu skola dlu. Slaloo men kat gig2 skola....and mooky nie tak silap aku budak samad kot(SMKSAS, PJ) sebab adek die yang pempuan tue skolah situ gak...and aku penah tgk mat ni nyanyi lagu Say Ooo...La La...Say Ooo..Come on Come on!!May be mat nie dari hip hop..then trus meloncat ke urban rock yang kewl. Si Izal aku tak sure lah mane die datang. Tak dengo plak citer pasal die..membe baru neh!!

Diorang banyak la perform merate2 tempat...cume kat kuantan je tak pegi kot..ehehe..lagi 2 tempat..Kelantan and Terengganu.hehehe..OIt!!!datang la kuantan...meh meh!!(macam boleh je..aritue kami da gig" pon tak dapat)

Well..khayalan masa ini bagi aku ape yang diorang cube interpretkan adalah keadaan macam ko baru in love with someone and hoping for that someone will stay with you.
Confirmnye..when someone like that, korang was like khayal..senyum sorang2 terhengat kan minah tue...dll. Sounds jiwang..tapi realitynye..U guys done that!!don't deny!!ehehe...
aku quotekan kat sini eh sebab ape aku review lagu nie as fallin in love song!!

"Menanti-nanti selama ini menunjukkan cinta"

"Menanti-nanti selama ini menunjukkan cinta, Biar rasa ini bertahan untuk selama kita"

Kat situ dah terang2 cakap...yang actually this song is about u getting in love at the first stage!!huhu...bley tahan "jiwa" gak lagu neh..tapi kewl lah..ehehe..at least tak mcm lagu anuar zain lah...keh keh keh...

Additional; ader meaning yang kewl dlm lagu neh. Ayat yang menarik for a feeling expression.
As per quote"Ku rasa bagaikan malam ini terang"
It's an expression of how beautiful the falling in love is. Hahaha...Jiwang siot ayat neh!!

Tapi pape pon...layan korang!!layan!!Coz it's nice!!And...Support Malaysia Artist!!

Link to download :- khayalan masa